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Graphene Products
Gimprovia™ - Graphene Materials
We offer high quality graphene powder / graphene oxide powder / graphene dispersion (solution), even high concentration of graphene slurry/paste; we can also provide modified products for different customer needs.
Graphene Powder
We provide high quality graphene powder / graphene oxide powder, and can provide customers with different needs of modified products.
Graphene Solution
Concentration between 0.1-2.0% of the graphene aqueous solution, high dispersion, with excellent operating characteristics.
Graphene Paste
Concentration greater than 2.0% of the graphene slurry, high viscosity, suitable for the need for higher dispersion techniques.
Gebocta™ - Application of Graphene
We have serval years of experience in research and development of graphene, also developed a variety of different products of graphene-based applications. Including thermal, conductive/antistatic/EMI, mechanical strength, functional materials, livelihood/biochemical, energy and other appilcation fields.
The thermal conductivity of graphene is the one of the highest materials of the world, and it is about 5,300 W / mK. Beased on its powerful heat dissipation / thermal conductivity can be used in many industrial applications.

Graphene is a one of the non-metallic conductive material, with high conductive, and it can be applied in many industries such as replacing metal as filler of the conductive ink, etc....
Mechanical Strength
Graphene could enhance the property of mechanical strength of materials, such as plastic, epoxy resin, or rubber, etc....
Functional Material
Based on physical properties of graphene, it could offer the materials more functional properties by adding graphene.
Graphene bring some advantage in our life living, such as it is well-barriers of air or water, or the graphene sheet could be made as thin film which with good thermal and conductive properties.
The good conductive, high electon mobility properties of graphene can be applied to energy technology such as super capacitor, li-ion battary, etc....
Can not find the product you want?
We can provide customized products by customers, if you want, please contact us.


TGC get ISO9001 Certification - 2020
Quality management system is an important foundation for the development and growth of an enterprise.      The company has obtained ISO9001 quality system certification, and the quality certification system is an important milestone in the quality management of Taiwan Graphene Co., Ltd.


Leading Graphene Innovator Sees Graphene Market at a Tipping Point
The Global Graphene Group (G3) has a 17-year relationship with graphene since Dr. Bor Jang, cofounder of Nanotek Instruments, Inc., discovered graphene in 2002.
Today, the G3 organization currently consists of three groupings of companies. First, there is Nanotek Instruments that holds the over three hundred patents the company has filed since its inception in 1997.
Another of the three branches involves graphene production and this branch includes Angstron Materials Group and Taiwan Graphene Company. Angstron Materials is involved in producing graphene intermediates and thermal interface materials. Taiwan Graphene Company produces graphene oxide and graphene powder.


Global Graphene Group Co-Founder Named As National Graphene Association Newest Advisory Board Member
NASHVILLE, TN – The National Graphene Association (NGA), the main organization and body in the U.S. advocating and promoting the commercialization of graphene, announces Global Graphene Group (G3) as the newest member of the NGA Industry Council and the addition of G3’s Co-Founder, Dr. Aruna Zhamu, joining the NGA Advisory Board.


G3’s Graphene-enhanced Heat Spreaders Outperform PGS for Thermal Management
Graphene is a two-dimensional nanomaterial with the highest thermal conductivity value* among all known materials. G3’s heat spreader, AT1500, offers a significant performance improvements over current heat spreading products such as PGS (Pyrolytic Graphite Sheet). Our IP-protected single-layer graphene technology enables us to produce a range of thicknesses from 20um-100um for different heat dissipation requirements. This range can also maximize your heat conduction flux capacity in confined and limited spaces.